How to use materials
1. Watch the videos together

 Watch both videos together. The animated video gives an over view of the bible story and the video with Zane and Pastor Ryan talk about the themes or concepts.

2. Read the bible verse aloud and discuss the questions

If you have good readers, have them read the verse, otherwise read it slowly and let everyone listen.

3. Download the activities

There are activities that go along with the lesson that can enrich the devotional time with God.


4. The "takeaway" is a great tool to help you help your little-one understand. You know best how to get the important stuff across to your children of any age group.

April 4: Easter - Jesus' Resurection

John 20: 11-18

April 4th: Easter Sunday - Jesus' Resurection

Lesson takeaway: Jesus' love for us knows no bounds

Easter is the greatest, most best-est holiday of them all! But it didn't start out that way.

On Easter Sunday Mary Magdalene went to the grave sight of her friend, Jesus, because He died three days earlier. When Mary looked into the tomb, she did not see her friend, instead she saw angels. She didn't recognize the angels as anything special because she wasn't expecting to see anything special. Mary was just visiting her friend Jesus' grave.  Then she turned around and saw Jesus, He is alive!

When Mary saw Jesus she didn't recognize him. She couldn't believe that He would have come back from the dead, but there He is! Jesus' coming back from the dead is the most amazing things that has ever happened, ever. It is so amazing because it means that death does not have power to stop God. Jesus died to show us that He has true power over everything and to show us how much He loves us.

Jesus wants us to live with him forever, today and even after we die. He wants to give us this gift. Normally when something as valuable as this is offered it is very expensive. The gift of eternal life is no exception, it is the most expensive gift ever. In fact, it is so expensive no one could ever pay for it. But God loves us so much and He wants us to be with Him so much He paid for it Himself because we couldn't.

We call this free gift grace. Grace means a gift that is all yours even though you didn't earn it, all you have to do is accept it. By having a relationship with Jesus we are accepting His gift. God forgives anything wrong we have done, and loves on us with blessing both now and forever, and ever.


Some questions to discuss and learn about our faith with our little ones:

  • (pro tip) These questions aren't just for the children; sharing is always valuable.

1. When was the last time you were surprise?

2. Can you tell a story of someone you loved but has died? Do you know that Jesus came so that all our loved ones who have ever lived can be resurected in Jesus. This resurection is a gift from God to anyone who will accept it.

3. What is the gift you like the best? Why is it your favorite. Was it expensive? Would you ever sell? Jesus has a gift for you and it so xpensive no one could ever buy it He wants us to have it for free.

4. What are some ways tha we can show Jesus that we have accepted His free gift.


Dear Jesus, thank you for dying for us. Thank you for loving us,  you are super special. Amen

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