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A new ministry opportunity for Crossroad to be a blessing to children near us.  9000 children in the Clay County area are on the reduced or free lunch program at school.  228 of these children attend Swimming Pen Elementary.  This means that these children go through the weekend without food.  Crossroad is sponsoring 50 (or more) of these children so that they may have food over the weekend for the entire school year.  $130 is all it costs to provide food over the weekend for 1 child. For 50 children, the cost would be $6500. 

Please consider making a free will offering to this important ministry.  You can make an offering on the App (select "Free-Will Offer.:Blessings-In-A-Back-Pack") or send a check to the church and put "Blessings" on the memo line. 

For more information contact Sean Stenson, Pastor Ryan or the church office.