Joshua 5

April 25th: Wall of Jericho

Lesson takeaway: We can always trust God to know what's best for us.

When Joshua and the Israelites marched around the city of Jericho they might have felt kind of silly. They wanted the walls that were around the city to come down so they could get into the city but they probably didn’t understand how marching around the walls was going to make that happen.  

Even though the Israelites didn’t understand how marching and yelling and trumpets were going to make the walls come down what they did know was that God knows everything. He is able to make anything happen, even if we think it won’t work or is silly. The Israelites obeyed God and trusted that He knows what He’s doing. And, just like God promised, the walls came down!

God knows what is the best way, for the Israelites and for us. Even if we don’t understand why God would tell us to do one thing or another we can rest easy knowing that God has got it all figured out. We trust that God has it all figured out and He will do what He says he will. 


Some questions to discuss and learn about our faith with our little ones:

  • (pro tip) These questions aren't just for the children; sharing is always valuable.
  • You may have to adapt for your child(ren)'s age group. The goal is to share your faith.

 1. Play Simon says with whoever is around. If you want you can take turns being “Simon.”

 2. Parent, share somethings that God requires of us.

 3. Do you always do those things? Are they easy or hard to do? Why do you think God requires us to do those things? (Its okay not to know why.)

4. What do you think Heave will be like?


 Dear Jesus, we want to follow you and all the things you teach us. Help us to always be faithful.  Amen