March 21: Sampson and Delilah

 Lesson takeaway: Choosing God is always the right choice.

We make all kinds of choices, from what to eat for breakfast to which route to take to school or work. There are big choices and little ones. All choices have benefeits and consequences.

Sampson was a man of God, a Judge, it was called. He was given great strength, super-human strength, by God. Becasue Sampson was so strong he protected God's people from other who wanted to hurt them, the Philistines.

Sampson was in love with a women named Delilah. While he loved her very much she did not. She tried to trick Sampson into revealing what made him so strong. If even she was able to figure out what made Sampson so strong she could sell that informatin for lots and lots of money to Sampson enemies.

Delilah tried to trick Sampson into tell her his secret, but each Sampson tricked her instead. Eventually Sampson gave in. He believed that his strength was great enough to over come anything and Delilah really loved him.

Too bad Sampson didn't have a church he could be with. The people there would have told him that Delilah didn't really love him. And they would have helped Sampson see that his strength came from God and that he was being tricked into losing his blessings from God by Delilah.

Sampson choose to give in to temptation, and abandoned God. He was captured by the Philistines and it did not go well. Sampson's story reminds us that our choices matter, and we can choose to go with God, or go by our own strength.

Some questions to discuss and learn about our faith with our little ones:

1. What are some of the choices you made today?

2. Describe a time when you made a choice that didn't go well?

3. What are some things that desctract from following God? Is there any thing in your life that is presently tempting you?

4. How can you tell if you are making good decisions? Where might you go to get help and see if you are making good decions?


Dear Jesus, Thank you for Jesus who gives us strength to withstand temptation and your church who helps us grow spiritually.