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As we wrap up our sermon series on Daniel, we'll begin a 7-week preaching series on the book of Revelation starting June 30. Probably no book in all of scripture has been so widely interpreted, misunderstood, and utilized to engender fear. 

Like Daniel, Revelation also falls in the genre of "apocalyptic literature." Which means, we need to read it in a certain way, understanding its symbolism and messaging—both to its original hearers and the readers and hearers over the past two thousand years. 

Ultimately, the question we Christians should always be asking when we approach any text is "where is Christ revealed in this?" Oddly enough, that's exactly what Revelation states is its purpose with its opening words: "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place..."

Because Revelation has been so wildly interpreted, we have decided to not just do a sermon series on it, but do small group studies around the "Reclaiming Revelation" Bible Study I created several years ago that include Luther Seminary New Testament professors and scholars, Drs. Karoline Lewis and Matthew Skinner.

Here's a quick summary video of the study:

We invite you to sign up this weekend (June 23) as a host for a small group. If leading/hosting isn't your thing, but you want to just be a participant, you can sign up to join one of the small groups the following weekend (June 30). Small groups can meet at any time or anywhere they choose, as often as they would like. Once you sign up as a host you will be given the materials to lead the group that will involve a study guide and videos. The videos are designed to do the teaching element for you, so all you need to do as a host is facilitate the study by playing the video and asking questions and leading discussion from the study guide. 

I sincerely hope this will be a time for members of Crossroad to not only come together in community, but will also shed new light on what has been a very confusing and difficult topic. While I can't speak for everyone who goes through this particular study, I have had many who have come back saying this study has completely changed not only how they view this particular book—but how they read and understand scripture as a whole. 

So I invite you participate in this "reclaiming" of the message of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, hear the words of both warning and promise, and how this text from two thousand years ago tells a timeless truth that impacts how we live as Christians in the world today.