March 28: Palm Sunday - Jesus' Triumphal Entrance

 Lesson takeaway: Jesus' love for us knows no bounds

When Jesus entered into Jerusalem everyone was very excited. To show their excitement they took palm fronds and waived them around, and put the coats on the ground to make something like a "red carpet."

Even though everyone in the city was really excited to see Jesus, Jesus was actually sad. He knows what was waiting: that he would have to die. That was super scary for Jesus and He didn't want to have to go through with it.

We are blessed today, thousands of years later, that Jesus didn't run away from his duty. Because by Jesus' sacrifice we have received His blessing.

The people in the city of Jerusalem didn't know how blessed they were, at the time. We know today how amazing Jesus' sacrifice really is. Because Jesus gave himself up and died, he took our place. So that when we die, we can have eternal life!

Today we know the whole story of Jesus and so we praise Him for what he did and who He is (He is God). That's why we worship Him, because He is worthy of praise. Worship isn't a remembrance it's an acknowledgement that Jesus did the most special thing for you and me and everyone.

Some questions to discuss and learn about our faith with our little ones:

  • (pro tip) These questions aren't just for the children; sharing is always valuable.

1. Has there ever been a time in your life that you got to be the star and walk on the red carpet?

2. Tell of a time when you had to go through with something that you didn't want to do? Maybe it was boring or scary or difficult.

3. A sacrifice is when we give-up something that is good or valuable for something that is better. Have you ever had to make a sacrifice? How did it make you feel? Why did you do it?

4. What is you favorite part of worship? What is your lest favorite? Is there another way that we might praise Jesus?


Dear Jesus, thank you for dying for us. Thank you for loving us,  you are super special. Amen