February 7:

Adam, Eve and the first Sin

Lesson takeaway: Sin is when we choose our self, our own way, and put ourselves first and forget God. But, God never forgets us and will forgive us and welcome us back.

Some question to discuss and learn about our faith with our littleones:

1. How do you know God always loves and forgives you

2. Have you done something that you knew was wrong?

3. Have you ever asked anyone for forgiveness? Was it easy or hard to do?

4. God says that he will always forgive us, all we have to do is ask. How do we ask for forgiveness (hint: confession ans forgiveness in worship)

5. Can you share about a time when you got in trouble?

PRAY You might pray something like this: Thank you, God, for always sticking with us - in good and bad times you are there. Amen.