April 18th: Easter Season - Jesus is Risen, Let's Tell The World

Lesson takeaway: Jesus' love for us knows no bounds, and we should share that good news

Easter is not just a day, it is a "season." In the same way that Spring or Summer last for weeks so does Easter. Easter last for seven weeks, all that time we are celebrating Jesus' resurrection, well, really, we never stop. Jesus' resurrection from the dead is the greatest thing to ever happen.

It can be sad knowing that Jesus died. But we should see in His death how much he loved us. Jesus sacrificed Himself for us so that when we die we can live with Him forever. A sacrifice is when you give something that is good up for something that is even better. Jesus gave up his comfort, and life so that we could be with him.

One of the last thing Jesus taught us, before He went to Heaven was that we are to teach people about how much they are loved by God The Father and all the thing Jesus taught. If we study what Jesus taught we learn how to live a better life now. And we can live a life that will lead to eternal life with Jesus in Heaven.


Some questions to discuss and learn about our faith with our little ones:

  • (pro tip) These questions aren't just for the children; sharing is always valuable.

1. What is something great that happend to you?

2. If you wanted to show someone how much you loved them what might yu sacrifice so they know how much you care?

3. Do you know some of the thing that Jesus taught? how do you think those teachings might help us live better lives now?

4. What do you think Heaven will be like?


Dear Jesus, thank you for dying for us. Thank you for loving us, and helping us have a better life now and eternal life with you. Amen