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Brought up in Springfield Illinois, Bob attended a Catholic high school. As a strapping young man, basketball, football, and boxing were his choice of weapons but after serving in the military he moved to the Chicago area where he carried a different kind of weapon as a police officer. Although he was employed as an electrical engineer while finishing college, Bob worked up through the ranks becoming a commander in the Rossell/Streamwood, Illinois police department where he worked for 23 years.  

Life’s biggest challenge can be raising a family, but once their 3 boys and 2 girls were grown, the decision was made to join friends and moved to Florida in 1993. Bob and his wife of 50 years were one of the original families that started Crossroad Lutheran church. They ended up moving to St Augustine Beach however, prior to Crossroad’s opening at our current location.  Bob’s wife had always wanted to live near the ocean and was finally able to live out that dream.  Upon her death, he moved back to Fleming Island and is once again attending church at Crossroad.  Our strong outreach program matches up with Bob’s belief of being involved with our community. As a member, he would like to see our men’s group revitalized in these post epidemic times and plans to continue supporting our church.  God has been good to him, and he is thankful for the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ whose birth, death, and resurrection we celebrate as grace from the creator.  Jesus has served the penance for our world’s sinful nature, and we give Thanks to God for our salvation