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Karen has been a member of Cross Road Lutheran Church for over 20 years but having worshiped at a non-denominational church prior to joining, she realized they missed Lutheran traditions such as infant baptism.  The welcoming people at Crossroad and the amazing music combined with the Lutheran theology was just what they were looking for. She was asked to join a worship team right away which helped Karen connect with other members making her feel at home.

Karen and her husband became legal guardians of their grandsons when the boys were eight and five. They often brought their two grandsons to Sunday School and church. The boys went to VBS, confirmation, and were part of the worship team. They always felt accepted and welcome here at church.  

When the boys were 8 and 12, her husband left her to raise them alone. As a survivor of domestic abuse Karen dealt with anxiety and depression.  Her Crossroad family walked by her side during the challenging times with kind words, hugs, and just being there to listen. Often the sermon or song spoke directly to her and gave her the courage and strength she needed that week to get through all the obstacles of being a solo guardian.

The boys are grown now and are doing well with their strong faith base. Karen has more time to give to her church and plans to increase her giving. She uses our online giving option, which is very easy to use and convenient. She likes the fact that her offering is taken out automatically each month.  She is still on a worship team and part of the Crossroad quilters. She continues to look for ways to serve as she continues her faith journey.