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   Lexi was in 3rd grade when her mother died but she didn’t really remember her as she and her 2 sisters had been living with their aunt and uncle. She found out in 8th grade from a Google search that her father was also dead. In her twenties and having been sick and out of work for 3 months, little miracles started happening. Rent was due when several checks such as refunds started arriving in the mail unexpectedly . This prompted Lexi to think about God and that maybe He was looking out for her. You see she hadn’t really been exposed to church or God.  

  Through mutual acquaintances she met a young man who was the kind of guy whose actions spoke louder than words. He had given money to a homeless man. She said, “You know he’ll just spend the money on drugs,” but Zane hoped he would spend it on food. Lexi had just broken up from a bad relationship and was impressed that Zane was so kind hearted and the first man to actually ask her out for dinner. They had been dating for about one month when Zane brought her along to help decorate the church for Christmas. It was a fun evening and a great way to get into the holiday spirit. She also signed up to host a table at Crossroad’s Christmas Tea, a night where men in church play waiters and serve appetizers, desserts and tea to the ladies who dress up and have a fun Ladies’ Night Out! This was not an intimidating crowd and she felt relaxed and happy with these church members. Having already jumped right in and getting involved she wanted to get to know the bible. A perfect match was the “One Year Bible Study” where you read the Old and New Testament daily for a year and meet with others to discuss scripture. It’s a wonderful way to learn from knowledgeable members who raise questions that she had never thought of.

  Now a member of Crossroad Lutheran, Lexi wants to encourage her friends and family to attend church. She wants to see more families at Crossroad and loves that Sunday school will be starting soon. Everyone in church has inspired her to raise her own future family in this hospitable, loving environment. Lexi knows that Crossroad is definitely a church worth supporting!