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 Having a grandfather that was a pastor made a profound influence on Susan as a little girl. She was baptized and consistently attended services and Sunday school until their church closed. Although she fell away from worshiping after the church closing, her PK (preacher’s kid) mother remained a steadfast inspiration to Susan and when Susan’s mother died, it left a huge hole in her life.

Not long after the death of her mother, Susan met a member of Crossroad Lutheran and pastor Jim at a party. She really enjoyed the upbeat attitude of pastor and this member, so two months later Susan attended a service.  She made note that there were no judging faces or condemnation at this church for the way you were dressed, and the service was different from the fire and brimstone messages she remembered from her youth.  The pastor’s love of God exuberated through him convincing her that this was a place she could feel comfortable.  Susan enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of Crossroad, so she joined and began to get involved in small ways like helping on the worship team and participating in small group bible studies.

One day while she was at church, Pastor Ryan noticed that Susan had a lot on her mind and stopped to talk.  Her work situation with corporate America was not going well and he could tell she was troubled. He took two hours to listen and pray with her. He truly touched her soul with his concern and wise words. Around this time a church council member had approached Susan about taking her place to oversee worship & music.  Susan says that God put it in her heart to take on the responsibility to help the church in this way. It’s the fellowship with other church members and knowing that what she is doing at church is not for her glory but for the glory of serving God that has brought joy into her life.  Her generosity to church has been a reflection of the many blessings God’s love has given to her.