Indoor Worship Info

We hope you are as excited as we are to return to indoor worship. Your health and safety is extremely important to us, so have some guidelines in place to keep us safe while indoors. Here is what to expect when joining us for indoor worship:

  • Please put you mask on as you exit your car. If you forget there are masks at the welcome desk. You should wear your mask the entire time indoors.
  • The doors to the sanctuary will be propped open. This will limit "touch points" and help circulate the fresh air we are pumping into the sanctuary to escape.
  • When you come into the sanctuary find a space to sit and be sure to give space to others. You will find that each row is dramatically farther away than usual.
  • You won't receive a bulletin. You can follow along on the project screen or in the app.
  • During Communion an usher will let your row know it's time to go up. This will help us all keep our distance. There is ample room going down the aisle on both sides. You will receive the Body from Pastor and then you'll turn either left or right to go out the side doors. This will help the "traffic jam" that happens when worship is normally over and we're trying to all walk out the Sanctuary doors.
  • Coffee and Cookies are available outside under the awning.
  • There will be no Nursery attendant but the space will be available for those who need to feed or change or a good cry.