What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the giving back of the gifts the God has given to you. These include your TIME, your TALENTS, and your TREASURE.

For many of us the most difficult step to take is to generously share our Treasure. The reality of Crossroad is, while we are one of the most successful Lutheran churches in the Synod, we remain what I like to call a “Paycheck to Paycheck” church. Much like a young family we have overhead, mainly the mortgage on our buildings, that many older churches don’t have.

Some important facts about Stewardship at Crossroad include:

  • Approximately 50% of our church income comes from just 10% of our families.
  • An increase in giving by just $10 a week per family would increase our budget by over $100,000… we would instant move from “Paycheck to Paycheck” to the next level where we could dramatically increase the true work of the church: Education, Outreach and more!
  • Your church council has set some big goals in the 5 year strategic plan that we need funding to meet. 
  • Secure on-line giving is available. Many busy families aren’t able to make it to church every week. Utilizing regular automated on-line giving allows you to keep your commitment every week. It can also allow you to take advantage of credit card points/perks. In the basket at the rear of church there are “I Give Electronically” cards available so you’ll have something to place in the offering if you desire. Click here to be connected to our on-line giving page.

If you’d like more information or would like to get involved please email us at

Kelly Lotze
Team Leader for the Fellowship Team