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Fellowship Committee

What is Fellowship?

In today’s world, it is used to describe gathering ranging from coffee, cookies and/or donuts after worship services with the majority of times with some sort of event that is associated with gathering where there is eating. This is important and gives us opportunity to be with one another to better get to know our church family.

But, how I see the true meaning of Fellowship is the community of people coming together as one for a common goal or interest. Not only for the same God, belief and church but, also for the activities we have outside of the weekly Sunday services.

Some of the events that we have done in the past 12 months:

  • Lenten Suppers (the weeks prior to Easter), organizing sponsors each week to provide and serve dinner prior to each week’s learning session.
  • Attended UNF for the Campus Ministry organization and provide a meal for those college student while they came together in non-denominational learning lesson.
  • Organized a cookbook. This brought together a variety of recipes from the congregation.
  • Spring cleaning event – for Kid’s First
  • Teaming up with the Evangelism team to sponsor a Cross Road Family day. This is also to celebrate the yearly Confirmation Class, End of the School year and way for both services to engage in Fellowship and fun.
  • Vacation Bible school – helping out in June
  • Craft Sale & Flea Market in the Fall (October)
  • Bingo and Movie nights – couple times throughout the year
  • Christmas Decorating
  • Christmas Tea

All are welcome! Come and see!

Theda Rittenhouse 

Team Leader

Rae Cruz
Team Leader for the Fellowship Team

email: Fellowship@crossroadlutheran.com


We meet typically the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm

Contact Rea for more information at fellowship@crossroadlutheran.com