The E-Team connects our community to Jesus’ love!  (E for Evangelism) 


Outreach – Connecting our Community to Christ’s love outside of Crossroad through efforts such as:

  • Growing and donating fresh, healthy produce from God’s Garden weekly to the food-insecure residents of Clay County through the Green Cove Springs Food Pantry
  • Hunger Fight - raise money and package food to feed thousands. End hunger in Clay county.
  • Collecting; toiletries for the homeless twice a year, undies for Dignity U Wear to distribute to the needy, change in baby bottles for the First Coast Women’s Center, grocery items for the GCS Food Pantry, Christmas gifts for local children through the Angel Giving Tree
  • Mission trips to local and regional points of need.
  • Bar hopping for Jesus - yup, you read that right. Jesus ate and drank with all kinds and so do we. (Matt 9:11)


Events – Connecting our Community to Christ’s love within Crossroad during:

  • Fall festival: Oktoberfest
  • New Member class and service in the spring and fall


Support – Connecting our Community to Christ’s love by making Crossroad known through:

  • Creation and sales of Crossroad t-shirts, and other marketing materials
  • Placing news stories and ads in local papers and websites
  • Writing and sending welcome notes to Crossroad visitors

About the E-Team

If you have served Crossroad in any areas, you are a member of the E-Team! Robin McCullough-Bade of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America defines E-Team member tasks as:

 Evangelism Team Job description:

  • Become an ambassador of Christ, Sunday through Saturday
  • Share the good news of Jesus Christ during one-to-one conversations in daily life
  • Invite family, friends and acquaintances to learn more about God’s love
  • Invite people to join your congregation for worship, study, fellowship, and service
  • Witness to Jesus by living a compassionate, gracious and loving life
  • Welcome guests who come to church activities
  • Encourage each other to grow in faith

Wait a minute! Doesn't that sound like the calling of every follower of Jesus? Each of us is called to be a witness to Jesus Christ. Absolutely!

 Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

 The church cannot afford to allow a few to be the entire Evangelism Team. That is not what Jesus Christ had in mind when he commanded us to be his witnesses."

God's Garden

Crossroad has grown and donated over a TON of fresh, free produce to the Green Cove Springs Food Pantry! 

Come see what God is growing in his fall garden to feed and strengthen food insecure residents of Clay County. 

"What blessing for our volunteers at the Food Pantry to give out fresh harvested vegetables. We try to make sure that the food we give is well balanced to the best of our ability. Adding fresh picked vegetables helps the Pantry in our mission to provide a well balance meal. This is a beautiful ministry Crossroads (sic) has started." 

Theresa Roman
Team Leader for the Fellowship Team

email: Evangelism@crossroadlutheran.com