Calendar of Events: Click on thelink the learn more.

You'll see a (LETTER) beside each event. This will tell you where each event is taking place at Cross†Road according to the following legend:

For the main building:
  • (S)sanctuary
  • (N)narthex
  • (C)conference room
  • (SS)sunday school room
  • (NU)nursery
  • (K)kitchen
For the education building: 
  • (G) Gathering Room
  • (210) HS Youth 
  • (208) Confirmation
  • (207) Adult SS
  • (209) 5/6Grade
  • (201) 3/4Grade
  • (202) 1st Grade
  • (204) Kindergarten
  • (205) PreK
  • (206) PreK

The calendar is only updated for the current month. Although you may see recurring events for more time out than that, they have not been adjusted to account for monthly discrepancies. 

Although we strive for perfection, we here at Cross+Road are only human, so if you see an error on our calendar please let us know so we can make the correction! CLICK HERE to send us a notification email.